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Our aim is to provide the highest quality of any need

Flex Design is the division devoted to research and development and the industrialisation of new products,

thanks to co-engineering with the customer or collaboration with important international designers and architects. It is also involved inthe custom design of display areas, with virtual simulations of the final layout and computer renderings of the projected result to aid the decision-making process.

Flex Solutions is the division that studies the requirements of various business sectors and develops ad-hoc

solutions that bring together single products in a complete system. Our customers differ in terms of category, size, sector and requirements.When experience and best practices intersect, know-how increases in proportion and can be made available to all the parties concerned.

Flex Plus is the division that works closely with the customer and provides assistance at all times

in connection with training, assembly, disassembly, inspections, organisation of transport and deliveries, display of the state of progress, packaging, bureaucratic formalities and so on. Every single detail is taken care of, the aim being to solve any problems that arise andfulfil all possible requirements. The information system shares data at all levels and automatically updates the details connected with each job order and customer, so that anyone at Flex can give a prompt response when needed.

Flex Store is the portal in which discover the accurate selection of Flex products, buying in

complete autonomy the solution that best suits your needs. The shop offers some of the most popular configurations for each feature: indicate, communicate, display and privacy manage. The selection of products may be supported by telephone or by e-mail, contacting our customer service, in order to always make smart and relevant purchases.


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