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The head office in Brescia

The commercial and creative heart of Flex

Flex's main operational centre and design office are located in Brescia. From here, all relations with the Customer, from the initial telephone contact to after-sales service, are handled, with direct links with the production unit

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Flex S.r.l.

Via G. Bargnani, 11 25135 Brescia (BS) - Italy
Phone +39-030-3531005 Fax +39-030-3531022


The production centre

Where Flex develops your wishes

Flex's manufacturing plant is based in Isorella, in the province of Brescia. Here each stage of production is run efficiently and monitored closely to guarantee a superior standard of quality that meets customer requirements to the full.

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Flex Production

Via 1° Maggio, 35-41 25010 Isorella (BS) - Italy
Phone +39-030 - 9529175 Fax +39-030-9952612.