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A time to remember

The nineteen-seventies was the era of technology. The history of Flex and its founder follows industrial and creative development in Italy, which in time has become a benchmark. Fausto LucĂ  founded Flex in 1990, following lengthy experience with industrial durable goods at an international level. In the short space of two decades, he has re-invented systems and solutions for improving organisation, privacy, image and communication, while the settings have become ever larger and more complex, places where people meet or pass through, with their new requirements and diverse interests.

Vendors sell parts - Partners deliver solutions

We help our customers choose the best solution in terms of organisation, display, communication, image, marketing and privacy, as well as queue management and guidance, as we act as a personal consultant and an innovative partner offering a high degree of specialisation. Flex is a global ambassador of Italian style and creativeness - all our products are designed and built in Italy.

Quality and Environment

Flex's growth and our desire for an ever higher standard of quality have led us to implement highly evolved management systems. Our focus on environmental issues, from the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System to protection of the environment - a legacy of inestimable worth for the entire community - has encouraged us to set out on the road towards UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification.

Operating in the global marketplace and wishing to come up to the expectations of all categories of customer, we must be able to maintain a very high standard of quality, which can only be achieved by adopting primary means such as an ISO management system.

We are proud of this ambitious project as our aim is to develop an integrated management system: QUALITY-ENVIRONMENT-SAFETY.