Do you want to make your bank communication more effective
and visible?

Our luminous frames will make your
shop windows stand out even more thanks
to their brightness and different adjustable colors.
What are you waiting for?

Why dress up your shop windows with our luminous frames?


"Smart" frames, easily manageable from your smartphone app


Perfectly compatible with existing light and
digital panels


The frame easily hooks
into the panel
with just a click


High impact
communication that attracts

Your shop window like you’ve never seen it before!

Enrich your environments with our frames and make your windows even brighter and more dynamic, attracting new customers.

Mobirise Website Builder

• Standard communication
• Static environments 

Mobirise Website Builder

• Highlighted and more visible panels even at night
• Reinforced brand identity 
• Cozier and more dynamic environments


Are you communicating the right way?

Our luminous frames ensure an effective and impactful communication, not only highlighting images and information but also decorating your environments, making them more dynamic and innovative.

• Different RGB color combinations, easily manageable from your mobile app;
Modular solutions to create scenographic effects;
• Available in different formats;
• Strong visual impact design

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder

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