Are you interested in
impulse sales?


Time spent in checkout lines or in-store is often downtime and waiting for customers. Too often queues are not seen as opportunities to generate additional profit but simply as downtime before reaching the
checkout or exit.

Thanks to FLEX® ideas and solutions , not only will you be able to guarantee an organized and safe pedestrian flow, but through the easy-mounted-shelves on the CUSTOMIZED TENDIFLEX® SPHERES you will be able to use the guiding posts as a tool to show and sell your products and goodies.


TENDIFLEX®SPHEREcomplete with shelf holder to display products and goodies. 

Increase impulse sales !!!

TENDIFLEX® SPHERE complete with shelf holder has been designed to further attract customers buying products, adding an additional value to the well-known function of the guiding post that manages the pedestrian flows, an easy-mounted-shelf on the pole of the guiding post that allows to display a variety of products and goodies that increase clients interest , promotion and sales.

The shelves are divided into 2 types: square-shaped and round-shaped that respond to multiple display needs. 

Endless customization possibilities!

TENDIFLEX® SPHERE can be totally customized, making it perfect for any type of product on sale!


The shelf is an accessory that can be mounted to the existing TENDIFLEX®SPHERE, thanks to the simple and immediate mount and dismount process

Unique and modern design

Total customization of the product

Great visibility
of the Brand

Strength and durability

What will it allow you to achieve?


of profits 

Reduction of perceived and actual waiting times

Simple queue management

Boosting impulse sales


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