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FLEX has been truly Italian since 1990

Flex was born in 1990, by Fausto Lucà, our CEO with a great entrepreneurial spirit who foresaw how solutions considered essential today, were important for communication, orientation and use of the spaces of each environment. Today more than ever we realize how that idea was pure avant-garde, the initial thought of our founder involved setting up places of work and social gatherings. The thought has become a goal of managing and protecting families, companies and individuals.
Flex is thirty years old and its brand and its products, such as the famous TENDIFLEX, have become synonymous of strength, durability and quality as well as a Made in Italy guarantee! The constant research and development that characterize Flex create a relationship of continuity between market demands and technological innovations.
FLEX proposes itself at both National and International level as a unique and highly qualified partner.
We support customer from the preliminary phase of conception and design of the product to that of realization and after-sales service. 


FLEX means Privacy

How can confidentiality be ensured when using public counters? The answer to this question, identifying a need yet to be met by the Italian market, led to the creation of the original TENDIFLEX post in the early 1990s.
From then onwards the FLEX brand was known in Italy for this unprecedented solution, and resulted in the registered trademark TENDIFLEX, which became synonymous with retractable belt posts necessary for managing privacy in public places. In a continually changing society affected by social and technological dynamics that are always evolving, safeguarding privacy has acquired new meaning and is of paramount importance. Maintaining confidentiality has become an increasingly delicate matter alongside managing public places. In its almost 30-year history, TENDIFLEX has kept pace with developing standards of quality and functionality, and has become a trailblazer in dictating new trends. Creative Italian design has produced stylish, appealing and robust solutions, and incorporated a communicative function into classic retractable belt posts, making them a multi-purpose solution essential in every setting.


FLEX means Wayfinding

The term wayfinding was introduced by the town planner Kevin Lynch in 1960, with the aim of indicating the processes that are activated subconsciously when people navigate their way around towns. Over the years it has been the subject of numerous studies and had different interpretations, until reaching a widely shared definition presenting wayfinding as a search context that identifies how people navigate physical space to move from one location to another, in relation to mechanisms of sensory perception of the environment and the qualitative conditions of their surroundings. This is a dynamic process with instruction which is not domineering – it doesn’t teach you anything, it’s just there at your service. It anticipates your questions and always has an answer. This summarises FLEX – skilled planning to create an integrated system for all environments, and an analysis of requirements and product placement in addition to a wide range of standard or bespoke products. Panels with immediate message changes, illuminated display boards, self-supporting display totems, signs, directories and display units are available in various formats and are highly customisable, and can be used individually or combined to create effective signage suited to all space requirements.


FLEX means Communication

Alongside wayfinding is the concept of communication – both have developed in parallel at FLEX from the 1990s onwards. At that time advertising campaigns relied on signage which was similar in large cities and small towns, with no possibility of customisation or monitoring of the message target group. The keyword here is message – communicating means transmitting a message, be it spatial indications or a commercial slogan. By producing flexible quality display boards to decorate the windows of various businesses, FLEX has brought advertising boards ‘home’ to companies, enabling each company to have direct control over their advertising campaigns with an unprecedented level of message customisation. The various formats available and the lighting guaranteed by LED, CHROME and MINI LED solutions enable the creation of original window and indoor arrangements that guarantee effective, up-to-date communication 24 hours a day, thanks to the FLEX immediate message changing system.


FLEX means Digital 

For decades now innovation has been synonymous with digital. All human activity uses artificial support to improve performance, optimise timescales, and reach targets previously inconceivable by pushing the possibilities available to the limit. In the signage and communication sector new technologies enable more effective communication, by transmitting the message through dynamic solutions and increasing the functionality of conventional equipment. Dynamic communication FLEX-style is reflected in the use of multimedia within ultra-thin panels which are highly luminous such as the MEDIA CHROME range, in addition to self-supporting totems with touch screens and remote schedule management, such as the MEDIA TOTEM and KIOSK solutions, or DIGITAL DOOR SIGNS to manage meeting rooms. There are numerous possibilities for customising content thanks to dedicated software. The use of FLEX multimedia solutions has helped to give a completely new meaning to communication and signage, by introducing potentially limitless freedom of expression. The present and the future are speaking digital, a language that FLEX has made its own.


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