The pandemic has highlighted even more the need to organize queues in an orderly manner to streamline the flow of people and ensure greater safety. In addition to protecting your customers and making them feel safe and spaced out where possible and necessary, there are other benefits of using a queue management system such as that guaranteed by Flex products.

We have identified 4 main advantages:


01 - Keep queues organized and reduce wait times

Disorganized queues often lead to frustration and can even discourage customers in line, who in some cases find themselves forced to leave, especially when it comes to rush hours.

Managing the flow of people in an orderly manner and reducing real and perceived waiting times thanks to simplified and optimized routes is one of Flex's priorities in terms of queue management.


02 - Ensure greater safety while waiting

Covid has forced most companies, even those who did not use tools like these, to make use of queue management systems to ensure maximum security for customers.

Products such as those in our Tendiflex® range guarantee an orderly management of pedestrian flows and the reduction of waiting times, thus avoiding overcrowding.
The retractable tape of our belt stanchions also rewinds more slowly than common tapes, avoiding collisions with people and objects.
Finally, hand sanitizer dispensers can be inserted into the tail-separator columns to ensure that customers sanitize their hands on every occasion.


03 - Improve staff efficiency and optimize costs

During peak times and periods, staff may find themselves having to rearrange the queue manually and change the arrangement of the posts.

Products like our Tendiflex® 360, thanks to the 360 ° rotation of the upper part of the post, allow staff to quickly reconfigure the route without having to lift or move the entire stanchion, thus also allowing to optimize costs thanks to a better distribution of the products and the creation of a strategic plan as to where to position the staff during the day.


04 - Increase customer loyalty

Unpleasant queuing situations can often lead customers to choose not to return to that place, be it a shop or a club.
In a world where we have so many options, if our expectations are not met, such as making a purchase in a store or going to a venue, customer loyalty is paramount.

Sharing unsatisfactory queue experiences on social media can lead to negative posts that go viral in a flash and can lead to customers never visiting a certain place again.
Having optimal queue management systems allows you to build customer loyalty and prevent them from going elsewhere, while promoting positive experiences instead.

We hope you found this article useful to help you understand how to best manage the spaces in your company.
Do you need advice on how to reorganize your environments?
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