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Flex realized every single project started with a Briefing, then created design and dynamism. Finally, it developed the product. A guarantee of continuity and seriousness that accompanies the customer from the first moment he meets Flex.
Our projects are an example of our enthusiasm and passion


Flex is committed to design and furnish business environments and working places, providing solutions that comply with operational and aesthetic requirements.


Flex operates internationally on big projects. A case in point is our signage project carried out for Al Rajhi Bank Tower, the headquarter of one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East.


For this large project, customized directional signage solutions have been proposed and designed on the basis of the architectural heritage of the external environment.


The project has been designed considering the needs related to directional signs combined with the landscape context, with the aim of living and making the place alive.


Internal directional signage solutions through the application of wall films, positioning of INDEX self-supporting totems and installation of ALLFLEX compositions on cables for correct communication of internal spaces.


High-brightness multimedia communication solutions for the windows of this important Banking Group through MEDIA CHROME digital panels.

Turning ideas into concrete design solutions – this is the ongoing commitment of the FLEX Creativity & Design and Research & Development teams.  Focusing on top quality, guaranteed by the expert treatment of products designed and manufactured in Italy, has led to FLEX being proactive in relation to bespoke customer requirements. Not only does the catalogue have a wide range of standard products, the company also has a much wider vision of creative and structural requirements that has driven imagination and production beyond the limits deemed possible. At times over the years it has been bespoke products that have proved to be a source of inspiration and a market challenge for FLEX, and resulted in new catalogue items being produced. The possibilities are endless – each project is initiated and developed with the same commitment for the national and international markets FLEX has been dealing with since 1990, and the customised solutions are still in existence that were created for them. 

How do we plan?

Brief with the customer

Customer Needs 
Collection of requests and customer needs to have a clear idea of the function of the product (informing, entertaining …) and defining the budget for the project.

Environmental Specifications 
Collection of environmental information such as climate and temperature to get a clear idea of where the product will be placed (sun, outdoors, high humidity …)

Concept idea

Creative generation of ideas and hypothesis, free development of new concept and variations: creation, destruction and brand new solutions regeneration.

Analysis of the hypothesis generated in the creative stage, selection of the most creative and effective ones, solutions evaluation. Choose.

First draft

Hand draw of the solutions, creativity and craftsmanship transposed on paper, concept sharpening.

Aesthetic and material hypothesis
Aesthetic analysis of the product with chromatic and design variations study, combined with a first evaluation of materials to be used. Comparison and choice of the concept together with the customer.

Use destination variations

Placement study
Environment and projects plan analysis for a specific identification of different placement situations and product use destinations.

Specific product variation 
Product variant will be designed and engineered for each specific use destination and placement situation identified in the previous study.

Project presentation

Product design presentation
Designed product will be shown clarifying every technical specifications and use destinations to give a clear and effective answer to the client’s needs.

Product placement project presentation
Final product will be placed on client’s map with a complete and effective project that can satisfy final user needs.


Product project presentation
Designed product will be engineered through professional 3D modelling software according to the most advanced production technologies.

Product placement projects presentation 
Construction materials and several finishing, thickness and every technical details will be analyzed, calculated, estimated with high accuracy.


Product prototyping 
Product will be prototyped with high precision and accuracy to be identical to the final production.

Sharpening of the product 
Prototypes will be accurately analyzed and tested to identify, correct eventual defects and fix final products specifications.

Administrative practices management

Preliminary feasibility study
Preparation of the authorization request in compliance with local regulations
Preparation of authorization request to the superintendencies and landscape reports where necessary
Authorization from third parties (Highways – Railways)
Authorization request by the property or by the condominium
Integrations to the institution of competence where requested
Collection of authorizations

Production and installation

Production and assembly 
Final product will be fabricated and assembled with high attention to every detail and extreme care of the personalization.

Delivery and installation 
Products will be shipped with the main international delivery vectors and installed by high specialized workers with company control and supervision.


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